New! Custom face coverings for you and your business!

Front view

With current worldwide interactions evolution, it is important to well protect yourself and keep a safe work environment. The usage of a face covering ** when social distancing can’t be respected is a good way to protect yourself and others. It’s already recommended in public transits and will be mandatory for flight travels.

You can even personnalize the inside of your mask!


Inside view

  • Our face coverings are made from cotton sateen for optimal comfort
  • Available in multiple sizes (3 youth sizes and 4 adult sizes) to fit multiple face shapes
  • Internal pocket to add a filter
  • Stainless steel nose piece for precise adjustment
  • Soft fabric elastics
  • Printed with permanent reactive inks to prevent fading

As our phone cases, they are printed in Montreal and made on demand.

Left view

Right view

PM2.5 filters included

Each mask comes with 2 PM2.5 filters (possibility of more). These filters protect against particles as small as 2.5 microns. Viral particles are smaller than 2.5 microns, but by adding a filter (PM2.5 or other), you add an additional layer of protection. Each PM2.5 filter is made of 5 layers of fabric for optimal filtration. Used to filter inhalation of air polluting particles, PM2.5 can help increase the effectiveness of the face covering used alone **.

How to choose the size of the mask

The face cover must be the right size for its effectiveness and your comfort. Check the size with the table below. Don’t assume your face size matches your clothing size! Face shapes can vary a lot between each person.

  • Measure from the beginning of one ear to the other ear passing through the tip of your nose
Size Ear-to-ear over nose
Adult X-Large 30.5 cm
Adult Large 29 cm
Adult Medium 27.5 cm
Adult Small 26 cm
Youth Large 25 cm
Youth Medium 23.5 cm
Youth Small 22 cm

Important Information on Cloth Face Coverings

It’s important to have realistic expectations of cloth face coverings. Please refer to the resources below from government and health organizations to understand the implication of wearing and not wearing cloth face coverings.


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